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SR-22 in Jonesboro, GA

blue bmw car in a dark roomAuto coverage is one of the most essential and frequently purchased types of insurance among Americans. These policies can provide critical financial protection for drivers for road accidents and other types of incidents that may affect their vehicles. However, standard auto insurance may not be an option for some motorists. In these situations, nonstandard auto insurance emerges as a potential solution. 

What Is a Nonstandard Auto Insurance Policy? 

As its name suggests, nonstandard auto insurance differs from standard coverage in several ways. Firstly, nonstandard policies are typically needed by drivers considered particularly risky by insurance companies for several reasons, such as the following:  

  • Owning a high-performance or customized vehicle 
  • Living in an area with high theft or vandalism rates 
  • Being an elderly or inexperienced driving 
  • Driving a severely damaged vehicle 
  • Having had a driver’s license suspended or revoked license 
  • Having been involved in multiple accidents 
  • Committing many traffic violations  
  • Having minimal driving experience 
  • Having gaps in your auto insurance or little coverage history 
  • Being required to carry an SR-22 

While differing in several key ways, nonstandard auto insurance can often include many of the same components as standard policies, including nonstandard auto insurance liability coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. 

How Much Does Nonstandard Auto Insurance Cost? 

Nonstandard auto insurance is typically more expensive than standard coverage, as insurance companies must account for drivers’ perceived higher risk levels by increasing premiums. Specifically, the following details may be considered when calculating a nonstandard auto insurance quotation: 

  • Location 
  • Driving record 
  • Vehicle details (e.g., make, model and year) 
  • Age(s) of insured(s) 
  • Claims history 
  • Policy details (e.g., limits and deductibles) 

Get the Right Coverage 

At King Insurance, we have over 20 years of experience serving motorists in the Jonesboro and Atlanta metro areas. Contact us today to learn more about nonstandard auto insurance.